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Dessert Catering

Impress Your Guests by Getting Dessert Catering

Many people think about getting catering for a special event, but most caterers only provide dinners or lunches. What happens when you just want to provide a light, but impressive, snack? This is where dessert catering comes in.

With dessert catering, an entire table is outfitted with a variety of dessert types such as cookies, donuts, or fancy pastries. Which items are on the table is up to you, so you can get supplies for anything from a casual meeting to a fancy dessert party.

For a more upscale event, add some affordable custom cakes to the table along with smaller pastries. The cakes will serve as visual centerpieces and attract attention to the table before they are finally cut up and served. Cakes also add an air of formality that would otherwise be absent.

Affordable custom cakes make the best impression if at least one of them is somehow themed to match the cause of celebration. For some holidays, this is as easy as using colors to match those associated with the day. At other times, icing can be piped into appropriate designs to tie the dessert catering in with the special event. If there is no specific event being celebrated, don't worry – an upscale floral design always looks great on a traditional cake.


To ensure that the caterer is available at the time of your event, be sure to book far in advance. If you're in the Austin area, call Alba Cake Design. This dessert caterer creates beautiful cakes as well as providing entire dessert tables that are sure to impress your guests' eyes and taste buds. Contact Alba Cake Design today to learn more and book a time.

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