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Custom Cake

Almost everyone gets a custom cake for a wedding, but there are plenty of other events that are best celebrated with a beautiful cake. Birthdays are the most popular cake holidays, but pretty much any happy day will be made even more cheery with this type of confectionary.

One way to make a birthday cake stand out is to get a marble cake design. Marble cake is made by combining two colors of batter in a way that keeps them distinct from each other. The batter types are then swirled together rather than blended, creating the appearance of marble-like lines throughout the cake. Since cakes are frosted, this makes it so there is a pleasant surprise when the cake is first cut.

From the outside, marble cake design looks like the designs used on a standard cake. A custom cake will often have a theme to match the day, such as balloon-shaped frosting embellishments for a birthday cake or a red, white, and blue motif for Independence Day. However, for fancy get-togethers not attached to a specific day or event, floral motifs are always popular.

A custom cake for a wedding offers more possibilities than basic white with flowers. Modern versions can be frosted in the colors chosen by the newlyweds, include other designs, or have the newlyweds' colors incorporated into a traditional floral motif. All of these options allow the cake to better reflect the personality of the new couple as well as show that it's a wedding cake.

One thing that does remain the same in a traditional custom wedding cake is that it will have plenty of tiers. How many it has is up to you, but it should have at least three. This makes it so everyone knows it is specifically for the wedding.

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