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Dessert Bar

You Don't Have to Work All Day to Set Up a Great Dessert Bar

A dessert bar is a great addition to a celebration. It saves you from having to worry about whether everyone will like one specific dessert, and it gives your guests a chance to get up from their dinner tables and mingle. However, setting one up yourself can take days' worth of work. That's because you would have to make each type of dessert separately, which involves not only mixing the ingredients, but waiting for them all to bake. Of course, you would also have to clean the preparation tools between different strongly-flavored ingredients. Surely there is a way to avoid this huge amount of effort!

It turns out that there is, indeed, an easy way to avoid all of that work. In fact, you can avoid having to do any at all! You simply need to contact a dessert caterer and have your dessert bar items brought in.

When you have a caterer set up your dessert table, you can either specify which desserts it should have or let the caterer provide a selection that it thinks will work well. If you choose the latter option, you can expect to see things that most people will like. The former option, of you choosing everything, is better if you are already familiar with your guests' choice. You can also combine these two tactics to make sure that key items will be present for honored guests while everyone else gets a selection of "popular choices" from the caterer.

One thing you should consider is whether or not to add a cake to the dessert table. A quality cake will serve as a focal point and help to set the mood. Of course, once it's time for dessert, it'll also become a delicious high point.

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