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Customized Cake Designs

Customized Cake Designs Make the Big Day Even Bigger

Any day of celebration is made better with a cake, and this is improved upon even further when custom cake designs are used. Such designs take many forms, ranging from traditional to highly shaped. Alba Cake Design, a home-based cake bakery serving the Austin area, is an excellent source for fancy, but traditional, customized cake designs.

The frosting is always the most prominent aspect of a traditional cake design. It can be treated with airbrushed food dyes to create a multi-hued look, piped out to make floral additions or other embellishments, and include a person's name or other wording. What sets these designs apart is the skill with which they are done. It takes a lot of practice to get the professional look, and people who aren't in the business can rarely replicate it.

This professional appearance is why people almost always use a professional service when they need a wedding cake in Austin. Wedding cakes not only have high-end frosting and decorations, but also many layers of cake. If just one layer doesn't come out evenly, the entire cake can end up tipping over! Professionals also have easy access to wedding cake embellishments like figurines, plastic vines, and everything else that is needed to create the unforgettable "wow" factor a wedding reception deserves.

The next time you need customized cake designs or a wedding cake in Austin, contact Alba Cake Design. Alba has nine years of professional experience and will create a cake that you and your guests will never forget. You'll be amazed at the intricate "floral arrangements" made of frosting, the artistic nature of the other embellishments, and of course, the cake itself. Call today to schedule your cake's creation.

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